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Property Management, Residential Rental and Real Estate Services in Arizona

I have 25 years in Property Management and Sales in Arizona.  In today's challenging Arizona real estate market, selecting the right Property Manager can make all the difference in the world. Whether your intention is to find a rental home, or purchase/sell an investment property - these activities should be handled by the Property Manager, as their diverse real estate background provides you with even more information, knowledge, experience, which means, Service!  The Property Manager is the one who will be overseeing all details of any property you choose to purchase or lease.  This includes full background/credit checks including landlord references, leasing, marketing, maintenance/moveouts, inspections, accounting, HOA issues, court evictions and I attend them all with the attorney.  

For Investors/Buyers:

I'm all too familiar with investors purchasing their properties without consulting with a Property Manager first, and that's where I come in.  What I have tried to get people to pay attention to in my industry is this; who better to serve investors’ needs than the one who is managing, selling, and leasing, on a day-to-day basis?  Why wouldn't you want to hire a Property Manager, who also specializes in Sales, has the experience and the education to provide the services you need?  Think about it!  Before you buy a home, you get prequalified.  Before you buy an investment property, you should speak to a Property Manager, it's that simple, and very important to me, and it should be to you as well.


You are buying an investment property; you want to lease it out.  You contact a Realtor to help you in the purchase, you find the investment, and you purchase it.  You contact 5 Property Managers; you look all over online and send emails to half a dozen more.  Two contact you, you reach 2 others prior to making your decision, after all, you've closed escrow, procrastinated even thinking about Property Management, and now you want income!  Three Property Managers look at it, they tell you it's too high, it's in bad shape, they don't want that type of inventory, they are too busy, they don't know what they're talking about, etc.!

You select the only Property Manager that sounded halfway coherent, and you hire them; you never even meet them in person.  You send them $1,000 with a signed contract and the place sits empty for 6 months.  You never hear from them.  When you call them, all they have for you is a bill, and no answers, or a recording with no returned phone calls or emails.

Investors, who knows the market and the clientele on the street?  I do. I also know what properties lease for, I know what people expect in a rental property, both as the investor, and the prospective tenants.  I know how to properly negotiate a lease, and I know how to find your tenants.  People call me off of my marketing, my signs, listings, and word of mouth.

I have many solid vendor contacts and well-established relationships of over 25 years with my vendors, over 200 vendors, in fact.

I negotiate my leases with both residents and investors.  I run my business by the Arizona Residential and Landlord Tenant Act, and I keep my properties in move-in ready condition, which means when they show, prospective Tenants like what they see and are more apt to turn in that application.

For Residents looking to Lease a Home:

To those who are looking to Lease a home in Arizona, why not contact someone who has knowledge of the entire Valley of the Sun? Someone who knows how to negotiate and ensure your needs and rights are protected?  Someone who already has inventory available, who keeps up their properties, and communicates with you? 

I have many rental properties all over the Valley of the Sun, as well as affiliations with those that also have inventory available to you.  You are bound to find just what you're looking for!  If you have a specific price range, school or area in mind, let me know, I can find it for you!

Prospective Residents"

Scenario #1:
You find a house with a sign out front, you dial the number on the sign, no answer, and you leave a message, no return call.  You call again, and you leave yet another message, meanwhile, the sign is removed, you never got to view the property, and time is wasting for you to find a home to Lease.

Scenario #2:

You schedule an appt. to view the property, there are no mini blinds, no washer, no dryer, and you don't have the money to purchase these items.  Many of the homes you viewed have these features, and the yard is in good condition, the homes are freshly painted, but you like this house.  You ask the person who showed you the property to add these items and you will take it, they agree.  You are approved and schedule a move-in date, you show up with the remaining balance in hand, and to obtain the keys.  No inspection is done, none of the requested items are in place, and you are stuck in a precarious position. 

I can help you so these scenarios never have to occur, or are at least minimized and resolved quickly.

For all transactions:

I will help you to negotiate the best possible deal in the direction you intend.  I will search properties until I find the perfect property for your needs.  I will follow through with deadlines on negotiated contracts, ensure inspections and work negotiated is completed, in a timely manner, and to satisfaction.  I will ensure outside affiliates follow through and communicate with you per your instructions.  I will communicate all concerns and information pertaining to our transactions directly, and on a continual basis.  I will ensure all financial and administrative obligations are in order.  I will answer all communications.

Before you take ANY action in ANY direction, please, contact me at 602-942-1410. 

Thank You,

Michelle Tremblay

U.S. Navy Veteran



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